Landscape Design

Landscape Design Consulting Richmond Virginia


I create custom designs for landscape projects for your home or business to suit your needs.


What's included?  

(1) Initial Consultation at your home or business.

(2) Separate visit to measure your site.  

(3) Custom Landscape Design with Plant Schedule.

(4) Meeting to go over your Landscape Design.

(5) Deliverables:  Plant Information and a computer rendered Landscape Design drawn to scale and ready for implementation.

(6) Install Day:  Plant Layout Check in with your Landscape Contractor. 

(7) Have questions?  Need help with replacements?  I'm always available to help.


What type of Projects?  Perfect for Commercial or Residential projects needing a start to finish plan. Projects range from small upgrades like designing foundation plantings to creating your dream outdoor living space or gathering area for your business.    


What is the Cost?  I will provide you a firm estimate.

Most designs range from $600 to $6000 depending on the size of your property, the complexity of your design, and the number of revisions.  

Onsite Consultation

Landscape Design Consulting Richmond Virginia


I will meet with you to advise you on your landscaping project for your home or business.  


What's included?  

(1)  Initial Consultation for one hour.

(2)  Deliverables include detailed notes to recap our meeting and suggestions for implementation.  

What type of Projects?  A great starting place for Commercial or Residential Clients who don't know where to start with a project and need direction.  Also helpful for clients who would who need help with a specific task such as plant layout or tree selection on site.   

If you decide that a comprehensive plan works better for you, this serves as your Initial Consultation, and we go forward with a Landscape Design if desired.  


What is the Cost?  $300