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How does the Design Process work? 


Our first meeting will take place onsite gathering information about your wants and needs.  If desired, an outdoor living inventory is provided to help clarify your design needs. Pictures are a plus!  Meeting time is about an hour.

Onsite measurement of your property will take place after the consultation.  Please provide the plat. This will save time and ensure accuracy.  Clients do not need to be present. After measurements are taken, the completed design will be ready within 2-3 weeks.   

At our second meeting we will go over the your design, plant selection, and materials.  We can meet on site, or at a local nursery, or hardscape center if desired.  Meeting time is about an hour.

After our meeting, necessary changes are made and you receive your finalized design.  Once approved, your design is sent to your contractor of choice for a quote for installation.  Going forward, I am happy to be a resource for my clients meeting contractors, selecting plants, and adjusting plant layout as needed with client approval.  
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